About Ceradis

    Ceradis develops and markets innovative environmental friendly solutions for Plant Nutrition, Crop Protection and Formulation Services in order to create safer food. Ceradis products have a patented formulation, optimal activity of the ingredients and excellent handling characteristics for the end-users.


    Featured product

    Ceradis is pleased to announce its alliance with the Campo Limpio Corporation that falls within the responsibility management of waste packaging of our products. In line with the low environmental impact nature of our products the Campo Limpio Plan covers all our productl ine ElimSP, CeraQuint SP and MusaCare CP where our local distributors have presence.

    Company news

    • Towards sustainable control of Black Sigatoka and Panama Disease: agricultural Division of NOBOA Corporation, Ceradis B.V. and Wageningen University.
    • Ceradis appoints Jan-Piet Wijgergangs as Formulation and Sourcing Expert
    • Agricultural Division of NOBOA Corporation includes MusaCare® CP as part of their spraying programme.
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