About Ceradis

    Ceradis develops and markets innovative environmental friendly solutions for Plant Nutrition, Crop Protection and Formulation Services in order to create safer food. Ceradis products have a patented formulation, optimal activity of the ingredients and excellent handling characteristics for the end-users.


    Featured product

    MusaCare®CP is a unique and patented semiorganic mineral fertilizer designed to be used in banana production. The supplementary nutritional elements in MusaCare®CP increase banana yield and stimulate natural resistance against Black Sigatoka caused by Mycosphaerella fijiensis.

    Company news

    • Ceradis strengthens management with new CEO
    • Ceradis appoints Jacques Stark as Principal Scientist Microbiology
    • Ceradis appoints Willem-Jan Meulemeesters as Director of Finance and Latin America
    • More company news